The following testimonials are from clients that visited me for natural nutrition consultations and obtained a large amount of benefit from doing so:

When my little girl was about 8 weeks old she developed eczema on her limbs. I tried all sorts to get rid of it, I stopped using any cleansing products, I stopped using fabric softener and started using things like chamomile in her bath. The eczema went from bad to worse and started to look quite sore. I spoke to the health visitor and she told me to make an appointment to see the doctor to get prescribed cream for it. Along with the eczema she was being sick after most feeds quite badly. As a breastfed baby I was worried that it was something I was eating that was causing it. Amy has worked with my husband in the past and treated him very effectively. I asked her to consider my daughter’s case. Amy came back to me with some very helpful information and suggested that my daughter had some sort of intolerance. We decided the easiest way to tackle this was with an elimination diet for me. Firstly, I removed dairy from my diet and within 2 weeks of a dairy free diet my daughter’s eczema had gone completely! The sickness got a lot better as well. Since then I have stuck to a dairy free diet and my daughter has also started solids, I tested her intolerance by introducing some dairy into her diet and her eczema reappeared. Amy also advised me of what supplements to take and idea’s for baby led weaning with my daughter. Amy has an amazing way of explaining things properly to you and helping you understand the effect food has on your body. Jodie Sawyer, Mother of 1


The biggest thank you ever – I have just found out I am pregnant!!! I cannot thank you enough for the dedication and thoroughness of your treatment and your whole approach really. I have never been as in tune with my body and felt the true benefits of eating well. It is a lifelong gift. Thank you! Kelly Gillingwater, Mother of 1


Amy came highly recommended to me via my wifes business partner who had been put on an eating plan which saw her become super lean and pregnant! I was given a consultation as a stocking filler for Christmas and decided to see Amy as I wanted to not only lose weight but improve my energy levels. The results were outstanding as over a period of about 7 weeks I lost 10kgs and became more energetic with it. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is serious about becoming healthy and going about it in the correct way. Her knowledge is quite frightening on the things you take for granted in your diet and it really makes you think about what you are eating and how it affects you, there are plenty of tips and processes to go through but it never feels like a diet as you always eat as much as you want only this time it’s the correct food stuffs. Thanks Amy and keep the flag flying for Great Health Naturally.Gary Sawyer, Director of GJS Consultancy Ltd


I started seeing Amy as I have an interest in Health. I had been trying to conceive a baby for over a year and I knew that my body was just not the right environment to hold a baby. With that in mind Amy suggested an eating plan and some techniques to get my body back into balance. She was kind and caring and genuinely interested in my health. Amy was the key to getting my body ready for a baby and I fell pregnant within 1 month of my first consultation. I am now nearly 6 months pregnant and happier than ever. Thanks Amy.Charma White, Owner of Lady Guru.co.za


I contacted Amy as I have eczema. I have seen many dermatologists but relief was only temporary and had to take steroids and once off the seroids the hives were back. On my first appointment Amy suggested that I stay away from gluten and wheat which I subsequently discovered was the main culprit of the hives. Amy has been really helpful in assisting me to get a better understanding of why this is happening to me. Her comprehensive report of questions and answers assists her in finding solutions to the problems. Should I require any related advice on health issues and eating plans Amy has been there to assist. My experience with Amy has been very positive and would certainly recommend her. This is my first experience of consulting a nutritionist and would suggest that anyone who is serious about good health consult a nutritionist. Amy has been great!Rishni Govender, PA


The health analysis report and programme that you initially get is the most thorough report on my health that I have ever seen.Ruthna S, Colonel