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Welcome to Great Health Naturally – encouraging healthy & mindful living.

Stick around, grab a herbal tea and enjoy my latest natural health related blog post. At the heart of every one is a gentle piece of inspiration showing that anyone can improve their health with natural methods, like I have done and continue to do.

Or, if you are in need of some creative content for your own health website, social media management or perhaps a consultation from an experienced natural nutritionist who lives the lifestyle to boot, then enjoy exploring my services & portfolio page to read the full list of services my company and me could offer you. 

Why I Created Great Health Naturally

My company was born out of a need to get well. After being diagnosed with endometrosis at age 19, and having suffered with many other health issues asides from debilitating period pain (frequent headaches, IBS, ulcers, joint pain, depression and acne), I went on a quest to see if I could use natures pharmacy to help me get truly well.

As in the years leading up to discovering The Art of Natural Nutrition (coined by the college where I obtained my diploma, The College of Natural Nutrition in Devon,UK), I had only ever been treated by doctors and there plethora of medications. Which came with some not great side effects, and I eventually learnt are only ever good as masking a problem. A problem which I needed to get to the bottom of, and which I finally did through applying what I had learnt on my natural nutrition course, in my personal life. 

My passion for natural health is really all encompassing, and so this is why you will see me write about an array of topics and products related to the subject, and why I have branched out to be able to offer many services.

In a nutshell these services are:

  • Nutritional Consultations – Specialist areas include; digestive health, preconception plans for those struggling to get pregnant naturally or those simply wishing to give their baby the healthiest start in life, skin health and allergies / intolerances. 
  • The Amy-Zing 3-in-1 Nut Milk Bag – the solution to easy, home made dairy free milk. I manufacture these and sell them both to the general public and to industry wholesalers.
  • Creative Content Specialist – Me and my well oiled team can create a number of expert creative content for everyone who works in the natural health and organic industry. Some of our services include; content writing, e-book creation, social media management, graphic design & video creation. For more information please visit our services page.
  • Natural Industry Jobs UK – the UK and Ireland’s online job portal for the natural health and organic industry.

***PR Samples Disclaimer***
Occasionally some very kind people send me PR samples, however, I have to mention that I will only feature, show or review products and brands that I truly love or believe in. Great Health Naturally also does not contain any affiliate links. Great Health Naturally does not use any data without your permission.