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Hormone Free Natural Birth Control Options With The Daysy

October 4, 2016


Many people are wising up to the fact that the extra hormones we take in from sources such as cow’s milk, drinking water and plastic bottles is not good news for our health. Yet, many women don’t give a second thought to the dangers to health that can arise from taking various synthetic birth control methods such as the pill, the patch, and the coil. Women who do choose to plan pregnancy are firstly very smart for doing so, yet should not have their bodies and health punished. This is why I am excited to share with you a digital fertility calculator called the Daysy that is 99.3% effective as a natural contraceptive and won’t compromise your future fertility.


Are You Aware of The Health Problems The Pill Can Cause?

The contraceptive pill and the implant give me the heeby jeebies personally, because they are adding hormones in unknown quantities for long periods of time to a womans body. These hormones are also synthetic, which means they are not able to be broken down and utilised well like the regular hormones we naturally produce.

My major concerns for women taking the pill, come from many studies citing the dangers. Here is a list of some of those study results with the data and references for these mentioned being found on The Pill Kills website (whose work I commend for trying to bring awareness to the true dangers to drugs like the pill):

  • Contraception can cause early abortion by its action on the endometrium, making it too thin and resulting in a child being lost to early abortion.
  • In 2000, the National Toxicology Advisory Panel put the estrogen found in birth control pills on its list of carcinogens. There are metabolites of estrogen which directly damage DNA causing mutations and cancer.
  • A 2015 study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology shows that taking the combination estrogen progestin pill increases the risk of primary brain cancer (glioma) by 50 percent. Long-term use almost doubles the risk. Women on the progestin only regimen are at even higher risk of brain cancer. And though glioma accounts for 33 percent of primary brain tumors, when reported on the finding, the author used the word “rare” five times in describing the tumors.
  • Women with no conventional risk factors who use the pill have twice the risk of heart attack.
  • Those with high blood pressure who use the pill have five times the risk of heart attack.
  • Those who smoke and use the pill have 12 times the risk of heart attack.
  • Those with diabetes who use the pill have 16 times the risk of heart attack.
  • Those who have hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) and use the pill have 23 times the risk of heart attack.

If you are someone taking the pill currently, then the above can hit pretty hard and can be a pretty sobering account of what could happen in the long-run if you continue taking the pill. But for me, I always believe that people should not be scared of reading such things but should remain informed and if not happy with what’s being said about something you are currently doing, then look for another better and healthier solution.

For me that solution is to ditch the risky pill and other synthetic birth control options and instead use a Daysy digital fertility calculator to naturally and safely plan and prevent pregnancy.

Daysy – Moving With The Fertility Planning Times

Like everything in this world, even the way we prevent and plan pregnancy must evolve. This is why with all the information freedom we have access to thanks to the internet, you can no longer be someone who sits in the dark about the damage to health drugs like the pill could cause. As these days, you can go into almost any situation having all the facts to hand.

Even the Daysy has been built on evolution. Valley Electronics AG, the company that designed and manufacture the Daysy fertility monitoring device, produced the Daysy after the huge success of the Lady Comp. The device whose algorithm has a proven track record of over 28 years. The same algorithm is used in the Daysy. According to the company that manufactures the Daysy:

The fertility monitoring algorithm in Daysy has been developed with feedback from millions of cycles and uses advanced statistical methods to calculate your fertility status. The fertility computer is programmed to accurately determine and display the time of ovulation in the female body by taking your daily basal body temperature.

How To Use The Daysy For Effective Natural Baby Planning or Pregnancy Prevention

So for me it is a no brainer that if there is a better, and safer form of contraception out there, then all women have a right to know about it and have access to it. I hope one day we women are given the right to such beautifully digitally created items for free, as I know currently for some the Daysy will be out of some womens price range but this won’t stop me promoting them and trying to encourage women to invest in the Daysy device that is so much safer than the pill! 

Whether you want to plan for a baby or prevent an unwanted pregnancy from ever occurring, then the Daysy is the safe and reliable choice. For many that have unsuccessfully tried to fall pregnant, the case could have been that these couples simply were not having intercourse on the right day in the woman’s fertility cycle. This will now be a thing of the past as the Daysy will get to know your body over 3 cycles and will learn when is the right time to try for a baby (or prevent one from occurring – whatever is right for you).

3 Steps To Hormone Free Fertility Planning With Daysy

1.   Every morning, remove the cap on your Daysy device and take your temperature under your tongue.

2.   Confirm menstruation on the days you have it.

3.   Daysy evaluates your data and calculates your fertility status for the next 18 hours and will show you one of the following lights: RED – fertile day (blinking red light is the device asking if you have started menstruating), YELLOWnot enough data to make a decision (so be careful and treat as a red day) and GREENnot fertile day.

Yup, it really is so simple that your current fertility status will be shown after 60 seconds on the device itself!

Let Daysy Get To Know Your Cycle

If you would like more in-depth knowledge of your ovulation cycle, then you can download the free Daysy View app, available in the Play store. You simply sync your Daysy with it whenever you wish to have an indepth look at your cycle. This is optional for those of you that do not have an any Apple products to sync the Daysy device with, but is a great added extra to make use of when you wish to see when your last period was, when you are most fertile, when you are least likely to get pregnant and for noting length of your cycles for different health reasons.

Daysy does not have to be used with the app, so don’t worry if you do not have any Apple devices to sync it up to. The app is just a nice bonus functionality for those that want to have their full ovulation cycle to hand at a moments notice on their smart device.


The Daysy – Statistically More Effective Than The Pill, The Patch and The IUD

According to Daysy’s clinical studies, when the Daysy digital fertility device is used correctly, the fertility monitoring system is 99.3% effective at preventing pregnancy. Helping to turn the Daysy statistically into the clear leader when it comes to preventing pregnancy. As the pill has a rate of up to 97%, the patch has a rate of up to 92% safe, and the hormone-free IUD a rate of 99.2% effective.

I love my Daysy digital fertility monitoring device, and will never ever in my life use the pill or other conventional methods of pregnancy prevention again. Not when there is something so easy to use and safe out there to use instead! The current conventional methods to me are dangerous, and the dangers are not always disclosed to patients by doctors which is important, as women should be allowed to make informed choices about their health and what goes into their bodies. And again I will state, we women should not be punished and have our health compromised for being smart enough to plan when to have children.

To get 5% off your Daysy device, visit the worldwide Daysy store and then at the checkout enter the discount code GreatHealthNaturally.

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