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Teagime – A Prescription Tea Regime Designed To Boost Your Personal Health Needs

July 27, 2016

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I think tea is pretty fantastic. This is because since ditching caffeinated tea many years ago, it allowed me to discover an Aladdin’s Cave full of tempting tea flavours. I now have a selection of personal teas in my cupboard that I employ to help support my body and mind through whatever health challenges I am personally facing.

This is why I was extremely excited to see the Teagime brand launch. As this British company (based in Peterborough), will create a custom-blended teatox just for you that could help improve your health and help you to get in shape, all whilst enjoying teas that you love. And no, ‘teatox’s’ are not mean to be used in a way that drain you (i.e. by only drinking tea for 3 days or something similar), they are meant to support your body and cleanse it by simply being drunk alongside your regular diet. Of course, more benefits will be had if you start to eat a more clean and simply diet at the same time.

Use Tea To Reduce Junk & Soft Drink Cravings

The founders of Teagime, Carolyn and Eileen found that like many of us, when they sat at their office jobs that this made them bored and susceptible to cave into cravings for soft drinks and junk food. Inspired to break this habit, they looked for healthy but tasty alternative to soft drinks, and didn’t find anything on the market that was easily available, hassle free and delicious. After looking into herbs and the teas that they can be turned into, the two began making herbal brews for themselves daily, which is how Teagime was born.

Carolyn then became a qualified herbalist, and is now the one who personally helps to prepare each customers specific blends based on the questionnaire first filled in by everyone on the Teagime website. This doesn’t take long at all, and is a great way to sit down and focus on yourself for once and ask yourself how are you feeling currently? And do you have any specifics health woes that need supporting, that a prescription tea regime may help with?

My Personal Teagime + What Did It Do For Me?
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Teagime Pouch No: 1 – Morning

For my morning Teagime, I stated I needed more energy in the morning so for this Teagime decided the peppermint herb would be a good ingredient to help pick me up, as well as bee pollen first thing. This was then expertly blended with stress-managing rooibos. I loved this first thing in the morning when I woke up as I am fan of all of these herbs

on their own, and have never had them put together! Simple, yet so genius and effective for health!

Why Drink This Herbal Tea Blend?

This blend is a really unique idea and has many brilliant health benefits for a person looking to a) wake up and b) ditch the energy draining coffee first thing and make a switch to something more nourishing.

Teagime Pouch No: 2 – Afternoon

For my afternoon Teagime, I was prescribed a tummy-friendly tea as I had mentioned I occassionally get digestive complaints due to having endometriosis (recently diagnosed and more coming from me on this soon). This blend contains juniper berries, liquorice and Pouchong tea. Out of these three ingredients I had only ever tried the liquorice herb, but really was surprised at the cleanness in taste that this tea provided and also the lack of overwhelming flavour it had.

Why Drink This Herbal Tea Blend?

Liquorice and juniper berries are well known to help support digestive health and can help prevent issues here, whilst at the same time can give a boost to your circulation and overall vitality.

Teagime Pouch No: 3 – Evening

I have a very active mind and so really do need from time to time a tea to help me relax and sleep not long after getting into bed. Especially after a hectic day where say my husband is away and it’s just me juggling work a toddler and the stresses of home-life. My personal evening Teagime blend definitely helped me to relax and sleep better when I drank it. The wonderful ingredients that it contained to help achieve this sleepy state are; passion flower, holy basil and lemon balm. Again a wonderful blend that I had not drank before together.

Why Drink This Herbal Tea Blend?

If you struggle to get a good nights sleep, definitely try herbal remedies like this before reaching for prescription drugs that could cause further damage to your health because of the side effects they list on the package inserts. Many people overlook natural remedies, but herbs can have some powerful effects on your body and not least your central nervous system! As the central nervous system is responsible for producing serotonin, which is responsible for regulating the production of serotonin that controls daily living functions like sleeping, sex drive and hunger.

*For best results I would say drink this tea 1-2 hours before you go to bed, to really allow the herbs to kick in and make you sleepy.

Fresh & Organic Prescription Herbs

I loved all three of my personal Teagime flavours, and loved also how easy the tea infuser you get with your order is to fill up and rinse. I was also told it is dish-washer safe, and the herbs are all sourced from organic suppliers in the UK who as well as source organic herbs from all over the world, grow their own herbs too. Organic is my favourite method of farming so this gave this company another thumbs up from me, given the destruction to the planet conventional intensive farming is doing

I was very happy with all the teas I was sent, and feel they where genuinely carefully thought out by the qualified herbalist. As even though I am a natural nutritionist, I have begun over the years to suggest my clients take herbal supplements also given the powerful nature they possess with little to no side effects. And so know many of the herbs listed in my personal Teagime to be great for helping the health areas I said I needed supporting right from the beginning when I signed up for my teatox subscription.

Teagime herbs and teas are also sourced annually every season from their suppliers and so they order them in small batches, ensuring everything stays fresh. Teagime also ensure all their stock is air tight during storage to preserve their beneficial properties. Every blend is also created fresh on demand to cater to each customer’s needs.

How To Order From Teagime + Tea Could Help Reduce Your Junk Food/Soft Drink Cravings

Teagime feel that orders are best done as a subscription as it’s not a one-off diet tea, but a lifestyle change. The subscription can be skipped or cancelled easily anytime with just one click, so it’s completely flexible. If you wish to order please visit the Teagime website where you can not only order your custom blended teatox, but here can also see what other happy customers have to say about their teas.

In my opinion, give Teagime a go especially if you need to work on getting rid of soft drinks and junk food from your life as did you know also, sometimes people are in fact thirsty when they think they are hungry? Plus there is a world of teas out their waiting for you to explore. Teas which will ultimately help support your health instead of causing problems to your health like soft drinks and junk food are well documented for doing.

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